ndc dependency issues & mkdep -p

Paul A Vixie vixie at mibh.net
Sun Aug 8 17:48:22 UTC 1999

well, michael, you've done it again.  :-)

> I've attached a patch for bin/ndc/Makefile that addresses these two
> issues. In the same patch, there's a modification to bin/named/Makefile
> so that dependencies are generated for pathnames.c, and the pathnames
> binary is recompiled when necessary. Nothing really uses pathnames,
> but consistency is important. :)

bin/named/pathnames is gone now.

> Also, by grepping for '^<TAB>mkdep' in a vanilla 8.2.1-REL source tree,
> I note that addr, dig, dnskeygen, dnsquery, host, mkservdb, named-xfer,
> ndc, and nsupdate all use 'mkdep -p' in 'make depend', but the rest of
> the makefiles in the source tree do not. It seems that this would be an
> error (human error due to the closeness to and proximity of 'mkdir -p',
> perhaps?), and should be changed to 'mkdep' unless the usage of '-p'
> in these utilities is deliberate. Given the way it broke the dependency
> checking of ndc, I'd think it wasn't.

no mkdep uses -p any more.

your patch will appear in 8.2.2

thanks as usual.


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