BIND 8.2.2 T1A

Paul A Vixie vixie at
Mon Aug 9 02:32:11 UTC 1999

running on my workstation.  needs a lot of testing before it can be a beta.

lots of exciting stuff in here, though.  please keep this test confidential.

6d3aa1968ec2f310ad9965a443b676ca bind-contrib.tar.gz
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998c5fe6c25f9cff5a4c82eda4a26624 bind-src.tar.gz
deff25521e5bf484d1c77c10489e7d51 bind-src.tar.gz.asc

	--- 8.2.2-T1A released ---

 760.	[port]		preliminary win/nt from baynetworks (thanks!)

 759.	[support]	new compile time option BIND_IXFR, defaults to "off",
			since our testing has shown up some problems with it.

 758.	[feature]	new "ndc reconfig" command only finds new/gone zones,
			doesn't stat() master files or qserial() slave SOA's.

 757.	[support]	FORCED_RELOAD is no longer optional.

 756.	[support]	fixed output format of hmac keys; removed DST chaff.

 755.	[feature]	"also-notify" is now a global option.

 754.	[bug]		the control socket was not checked for event lib

 753.	[feature]	"ndc help" now returns one line command summaries.

 752.	[feature]	"ndc trace" now takes an optional "level" argument.

 751.	[support]	debugging output could segfault in ns_print.c::addstr.

 750.	[port]		A/UX 3.1.1.

 749.	[port]		#9 has now been done for all Makefiles.

 748.	[feature]	"transfer-source" is now a global option.

 747.	[support]	SORT_RESPONSE is no longer a compile time option, since
			the behaviour can be turned off at runtime with the
			"rrset_order fixed;" option.

 746.	[bug]		don't bother rescanning the interfaces if setuid!=root.

 745.	[protocol]	IXFR transmission was just plain wrong in some cases.

 744.	[support]	allow the calling location of strings to be recorded.

 743.	[feature]	$GENERATE now supports more record types, and options.

 742.	[port]		port/sco50 was using /usr/local/etc for its ndc socket.

 741.	[port]		HPUX needed __BIND_RES_TEXT.

 740.	[bug]		#634 had the unfortunate side effect of disabling IXFR.

 739.	[port]		probe for IPv6 structures, solaris openbsd freebsd

 738.	[bug]	 	invalidate pointers back into linked list when element
			is removed.

 737.	[port]		solaris: expr is sensitive to LC_COLLATE

 736.	[bug]		potential single file descriptor leak opening

 735.	[bug]		memory leak: having rrset-order set and reconfiguring
			the server results in a memory leak.

 734.	[port]		linux only fills in as many entries as will fill the
			buffer with SIOCGIFCONF.

 733.	[bug]		RD is not being set on first message to first forwarder
			resulting in false "Lame Server" reports and degraded

 732.	[bug]		errors reading keys from master files could cause the
			the server to drop core.

 731.	[bug]		highestFD was not reflecting the highest value the
			library could cope with.

 730.	[port]		rand() does not modify the LSB on BSD based systems.

 729.	[bug]		allow-query responses were dependent upon cache

 728.	[bug]		it wasn't possible to specify the flags of trusted keys
			in hex, which was inconvenient since dig prints hex.

 727.	[bug]		TSIG keys weren't properly shared with named-xfer if
			the zone named contained a slash (/).

 726.	[bug]		TSIG keys weren't reloaded correctly with 'ndc reload'.

 725.	[bug]		only the first key in an acl was matched correctly.

 724.	[bug]		"ndc restart" needed a short delay before checking
			for the health of a newly started name server.

 723.	[bug]		TSIG signed zone transfer failed on especially
			large zones.

 722.	[doc]		the example named.conf file had invalid TSIG usage.

 721.	[bug]		duplicate records were tripping the cname-and-otherdata
			test, which wasn't necessary since they'll be ignored.

 720.	[port]		solaris doesn't have gethostid() the way we build.

 719.	[lint]		lots of lint fixed by bob and paul.

 718.	[bug]		multiple CNAME support was not cycling the cnames in 
			an RRset properly.

 717.	[bug]		wrong /bin/ps flags in solaris prand_conf.h.  minor
			tweak to ports/prand_conf/prand_conf.c to ensure proper
			flags in future ports.

 716.	[bug]		log files are now closed/reopened on a size basis.

 715.	[clarity]	root servers don't need to be primed.

 714.	[typo]		extra "q" in a message in ns_maint.c.

	--- 8.2.1 released ---

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