DDNS, Notify and IXFR

Kevin J. Dunlap kevind at metaip.checkpoint.com
Thu Aug 12 17:33:20 UTC 1999

>         There would appear to be a fallacy in your logic -- the IXFRs
>don't actually cause more zone updates and therefore more NOTIFYs and
>therefore more IXFRs, they just happen to occur at about the same
>rate as the updates, so you instead end up with:
>                 Dynamic update notifies the primary
>                 Zone is updated and serial number is incremented
>                 NOTIFYs get sent out to all secondaries
>                 Secondaries start doing IXFRs
>         Now, this does end up happening once every four or so seconds,
>all that IXFR traffic would definitely cause a heck of a lot of
>interrupts and generate a heck of a lot of traffic.  So, this is
>still a problem -- not just quite the scale you were thinking of.

True, but you missed that the  IXFR does generate the notifies because it
causes the serial number to increment.

Should an IXFR request cause the serial number to increment?
or should we let the logic in the primary dictate when the serial number should
increment and therefore cut down on the number of notifies going out?


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