ndc error on / AIX4.3.2

Rip Loomis Gilbert.R.Loomis at cpmx.saic.com
Tue Dec 7 13:45:46 UTC 1999

I agree that it would be nice if ndc were smart
enough to report that named is not running.
Unfortunately, the path to the control channel
is hard-coded into ndc and named at compile time.
For named, it can be changed once in named.conf
and will be used from then on at runtime, but
the only way to change the setting in ndc at
runtime is to specify ndc -c /path/to/channel
on the command line.

On Solaris, HP-UX, and Linux (my test platforms),
the only times I see that message are if named
is not running, or when there's a mismatch between
what named thinks the control channel is and what
ndc thinks it is.  In that situation, all ndc can
really tell us is that it can't find its end
of the control channel (from my reading of the
code, anyway).  Maybe ndc could at least
postulate that named is not running and give
a more useful error message.

I would recommend that the DNS admin who's reporting
the problem (with named not always being stopped)
check and make sure that the setting in named.conf
matches the one compiled into ndc.  Is the failure
to stop named intermittent, or every time?  If
it's intermittent, then my only thought would be
an issue with pipes on AIX.

Hope this helps--

	--Rip Loomis

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> Subject: ndc error on / AIX4.3.2
> "ndc stop" on AIX4.3.2 reports the following when named is 
> not running:
> ndc: error: ctl_client: evConnect(fd 3): Connection refused
> ndc: error: cannot connect to command channel (/etc/ndc)
> This makes sense of course, but wouldn't a message reporting that
> "named is not running" be more appropriate?
> One of our DNS Admins has also reported that "ndc stop" does not
> always stop named on AIX, and returns the above message.
> Has anybody else seen this bahaviour on AIX or any other platforms?
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