ndc error on / AIX4.3.2

Paul A Vixie vixie at mibh.net
Tue Dec 7 18:22:51 UTC 1999

> I generally find that named.conf is *much* more sensitive
> to syntax problems than named.boot was. in boot, a syntax
> error only affected one zone at most (uaually), in .conf, one
> syntax error can affect the WHOLE server.
> Is there *anything* that can be done to make it more robust?

no.  if the config file isn't valid, named should not start.  starting
with an errorenous config file will give undefined (erroneous) results.
the right solution to this is...

> I have several times requested a stand-alone syntax checker which
> uses the exact same parser which bind does, or a syntax-check-only flag for
> BIND-8 itself, so that one can verify the .conf file before reload.
> (Yes, we have a  Bronze support contract which gives us feature priority [at
> least it should] !) This is an *urgently* required feature ! I'm not really
> comfy with waiting for BIND-9 for this (is this even planned for BIND-9,
> first release or Beta?)

...which could be done in bind8 except that bind8's error messages are not
all that crisp and sometimes the line numbers are off and so on.  i'd like
to see "ndc reconfig" do offline syntax checking of all changed files and
display decent error messages to the "ndc" stdout (rather than syslog) and
refuse to load the new config file if it had any errors.

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