ndc error on / AIX4.3.2

Mathias Koerber mathias at staff.singnet.com.sg
Wed Dec 8 01:02:05 UTC 1999

On Tue, 7 Dec 1999, Paul A Vixie wrote:

| Date: Tue, 07 Dec 1999 10:22:51 -0800
| From: Paul A Vixie <vixie at mibh.net>
| To: Mathias Koerber <mathias at staff.singnet.com.sg>
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| Subject: Re: ndc error on / AIX4.3.2 
| > I generally find that named.conf is *much* more sensitive
| > to syntax problems than named.boot was. in boot, a syntax
| > error only affected one zone at most (uaually), in .conf, one
| > syntax error can affect the WHOLE server.
| > 
| > Is there *anything* that can be done to make it more robust?
| no.  if the config file isn't valid, named should not start.  starting
| with an errorenous config file will give undefined (erroneous) results.
| the right solution to this is...

Sure, but a syntax problem in one zone statement should
not affect all other zones? There are some things that
I think can/should be compartmentatlized w/o severely affecting

Many of us reload named by script, in which case an error message
and total refusal to start would be worse than just losing a sinngle

| > I have several times requested a stand-alone syntax checker which
| > uses the exact same parser which bind does, or a syntax-check-only flag for
| > BIND-8 itself, so that one can verify the .conf file before reload.
| > (Yes, we have a  Bronze support contract which gives us feature priority [at
| > least it should] !) This is an *urgently* required feature ! I'm not really
| > comfy with waiting for BIND-9 for this (is this even planned for BIND-9,
| > first release or Beta?)
| ...which could be done in bind8 except that bind8's error messages are not
| all that crisp and sometimes the line numbers are off and so on.  i'd like
| to see "ndc reconfig" do offline syntax checking of all changed files and
| display decent error messages to the "ndc" stdout (rather than syslog) and
| refuse to load the new config file if it had any errors.

Than would be fine.


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