wrong ans. name

Paul A Vixie vixie at mibh.net
Mon Jul 26 03:48:48 UTC 1999

well, to the extent that multiple cnames are legal, which they aren't,
or supported by bind, which they are, it is an error to include more
than one in a reply.  they are only useful in connection with round robin.

there is no way to get bind to shut up about this.  it's an error on
the sender's side to send more than one cname in a response unless the
qtype is CNAME.

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> if asking for an A record for a given name hits and cname, and it's
> legal to put the CNAME and the CNAME data's A record (albeit with a
> different owner name) in the answer section of a dns response, then
> why is my named complaining about 
> Jul 24 11:36:20 noc named[98]: wrong ans. name (m.doubleclick.net != uuvald2avip.doubleclick.net)
> which, i am almost certain, stems from the fact that m has multiple
> cnames.  i get, for example:
> m.doubleclick.net.      5M IN CNAME     exnjld1avip.doubleclick.net.
> m.doubleclick.net.      5M IN CNAME     ancald2avip.doubleclick.net.
> m.doubleclick.net.      5M IN CNAME     ancald1avip.doubleclick.net.
> m.doubleclick.net.      5M IN CNAME     anvald2avip.doubleclick.net.
> m.doubleclick.net.      5M IN CNAME     anvald1avip.doubleclick.net.
> m.doubleclick.net.      5M IN CNAME     uucald2avip.doubleclick.net.
> m.doubleclick.net.      5M IN CNAME     uucald1avip.doubleclick.net.
> m.doubleclick.net.      5M IN CNAME     uuvald2avip.doubleclick.net.
> m.doubleclick.net.      5M IN CNAME     uuvald1avip.doubleclick.net.
> m.doubleclick.net.      5M IN CNAME     exnjld4avip.doubleclick.net.
> m.doubleclick.net.      5M IN CNAME     exnjld1bvip.doubleclick.net.
> exnjld1avip.doubleclick.net.  1H IN A
> which obviously has multiple CNAMEs, but only one A is returned (this
> is by asking the authoritative server, if i ask my own, i get only one
> cname and the single a record).
> shoud i perhaps be getting back more a records?
> or do i have to turn on multiple-cnames locally in order to peacefully
> coexist with this kind of set up?
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