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Andrew Brown atatat at atatdot.net
Mon Jul 26 03:56:58 UTC 1999

>well, to the extent that multiple cnames are legal, which they aren't,
>or supported by bind, which they are, it is an error to include more
>than one in a reply.  they are only useful in connection with round robin.

that stuff i knew.  but people think it buys them something, so they
continue to use it.

>there is no way to get bind to shut up about this.  it's an error on
>the sender's side to send more than one cname in a response unless the
>qtype is CNAME.

i'll buy that.  but the server in question is running 8.2.  8.2 (i've
verified) does it wrong by returning all the CNAMEs and then one A
record.  8.2.1 on the other hand, seems not to return varying CNAME/A
answers, even if the zone has multiple cnames and the server is told
to allow it.  i even tried turning on "rrset-order { order cyclic; };"
but it didn't "help".

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