soem strangeness with 8.2.2 under A/UX with MX records

Jim Jagielski jim at
Fri Nov 5 18:45:21 UTC 1999

Just noticed some strangeness with resolving MX records with 8.2.2
under A/UX. Sometimes named will return just the A records for
a host/domain and not the MX records (when doing, for example,
'host'). Other times we'll see something like 'host'
return an IP address which is, in fact NOT the A record of the host, but
rather the A record for it's highest priority MX record. For
example, if has no A record, but 2 MX records as such:	IN	MX	10	IN	MX	20	IN	A	IN	A

a 'host' will return 'has address'

Trying to track this down...
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