i don't have a working ultrix system any more -- need some help plz

Simon Burge simonb at thistledown.com.au
Wed Nov 10 02:46:39 UTC 1999

Paul A Vixie wrote:

> > I've had 8.2.1 working on Ultrix with some ugly glue, and it basically
> > seemed ok (ie, I had no failures).  However, I seemed to get the
> > impression that having Ultrix support in bind8 wasn't a desired feature,
> > and dropped the ball on prettying up my changes.  If you want, I should
> > be able to get 8.2.2P3 working and send in some patches.
> yes please.

Oh wonderful.  The "Ultrix Y2K Readiness Kit" for both Ultrix 4.4 and
4.5 has upgraded bind to version 4.9.3 Beta 17 (I have no idea what the
original was), and my original "patches" (to put it nicely ;) no longer
work.  I was really hoping to have bind8 build out of the box with the
original resolver from libc, and will still put some effort into getting
to this end.  If I don't win at this, is it acceptable to say "You must
replace the libc resolver before you can finish building bind8"?


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