i don't have a working ultrix system any more -- need some help plz

Paul A Vixie vixie at mibh.net
Thu Nov 11 17:17:06 UTC 1999

> Oh wonderful.  The "Ultrix Y2K Readiness Kit" for both Ultrix 4.4 and
> 4.5 has upgraded bind to version 4.9.3 Beta 17 (I have no idea what the
> original was), and my original "patches" (to put it nicely ;) no longer
> work.  I was really hoping to have bind8 build out of the box with the
> original resolver from libc, and will still put some effort into getting
> to this end.  If I don't win at this, is it acceptable to say "You must
> replace the libc resolver before you can finish building bind8"?


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