Ultrix patches for bind 8.2.2-P3

Mark_Andrews at iengines.com Mark_Andrews at iengines.com
Wed Nov 10 19:11:53 UTC 1999

> Here's some patches against bind 8.2.2-P3 for Ultrix.  I've tested on
> Ultrix 4.4 and 4.5, used the Ultrix (MIPS) C compiler and gcc,
> and linked against both the original libc and the "y2k ready" libc
> which replaced the resolver with the bind 4.9.3 Beta 17 resolver.
> I've done some basic testing and haven't seen a problem yet.  As soon as
> I'm happy with hesiod interaction (which we still use for passwords),
> I'll try it on our main nameserver (which gets a whopping 6 queries a
> second over it's current 133 day uptime ;).
> There's three things I'm not entirely happy with in this patch:
>  1)  Ultrix' sprintf() is prototyped to return "int", yet it really
>      truly is a "char *".  Changing the SPRINTF() macro in the
>      SPRINTF_CHAR case to always cast the return of sprintf() to
>      "char *" doesn't seem quite right.  Two ideas - have a third
>      case in the ifdef checks, or have a define called
>      SPRINTF_CHAR_CAST.  Both seem almost as ugly as the current
>      solution.
	Last time I looked at Ultrix the return type from sprintf
	depended upon the -YPOSIX flag being set or not.  This both
	changed the way it was declared in the include files and which
	implementation of sprintf was linked into the application by
	adding libraries to be linked against as well as libc. 

	Just casting is the wrong thing to do.

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