Ultrix patches for bind 8.2.2-P3

Simon Burge simonb at telstra.com.au
Wed Nov 10 21:17:10 UTC 1999

Mark_Andrews at iengines.com wrote:

> > Here's some patches against bind 8.2.2-P3 for Ultrix.  I've tested on
> > Ultrix 4.4 and 4.5, used the Ultrix (MIPS) C compiler and gcc,
> > and linked against both the original libc and the "y2k ready" libc
> > which replaced the resolver with the bind 4.9.3 Beta 17 resolver.
> > 
> > I've done some basic testing and haven't seen a problem yet.  As soon as
> > I'm happy with hesiod interaction (which we still use for passwords),
> > I'll try it on our main nameserver (which gets a whopping 6 queries a
> > second over it's current 133 day uptime ;).
> > 
> > There's three things I'm not entirely happy with in this patch:
> > 
> >  1)  Ultrix' sprintf() is prototyped to return "int", yet it really
> >      truly is a "char *".  Changing the SPRINTF() macro in the
> >      SPRINTF_CHAR case to always cast the return of sprintf() to
> >      "char *" doesn't seem quite right.  Two ideas - have a third
> >      case in the ifdef checks, or have a define called
> >      SPRINTF_CHAR_CAST.  Both seem almost as ugly as the current
> >      solution.
> > 
> 	Last time I looked at Ultrix the return type from sprintf
> 	depended upon the -YPOSIX flag being set or not.  This both
> 	changed the way it was declared in the include files and which
> 	implementation of sprintf was linked into the application by
> 	adding libraries to be linked against as well as libc. 
> 	Just casting is the wrong thing to do.

If you have -YPOSIX on the link line, you get "-lcP -lc" instead of just
"-lc".  The problem with this is that anything that then links against
libbind.a needs to have -YPOSIX as well, otherwise the wrong sprintf()
will get picked up.

Here's the problem I was talking about where sprintf() is declared
wrongly (from <stdio.h>):

	#ifdef __STDC__
	/* function prototype */
	extern int      sprintf( char *__s, const char *__format, ... );
	#if defined(__SYSTEM_FIVE) || defined(__POSIX)
	extern int sprintf();
	extern char     *sprintf();
	#endif /* __SYSTEM_FIVE || __POSIX */
	#endif /* __STDC__ */

Using "-std1" defined __STDC__, but doesn't affect what libraries
are linked in!  I think a better way to solve this would be to leave
SPRINTF_CHAR in "port_after.h", but also have "#define sprintf
my_sprintf" in there and put something in the Ultrix noop.c that DTRT.
Does this sound any better?


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