"Vixie Wraps BIND"

Paul A Vixie vixie at mibh.net
Mon Nov 15 19:58:04 UTC 1999

for those of you who weren't at usenix lisa '99 in seattle last week...


...is an accurate account of what i said in my "deep space bind" invited talk.

what this means to bind-workers is that soon, the unqualified name "bind" will
refer to "bind9", and i will be known as "the bind4/bind8 guy" rather than as
"the bind guy".  this will all happen at about the same time that bind-workers
sees its first bind9 snapshot.

note that bind9 was funded by various companies partly in exchange for early
access to it.  we're considering a requirement for a simple nondisclosure
agreement before members of bind-workers will have access to it.  note that
there will be NO fee for bind9 sources.

no need to send mail yet stating your intentions -- we'll be asking later.

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