Should bind ignore bad cached NS?

Jim Jagielski jim at
Wed Nov 17 20:46:37 UTC 1999

Here's what I think is what's I've been seeing as far as a "troubling"
difference between 8.2.2 and 4.9.7. One domain which exibits this
effect is ''

Anyway, the NSs in the DNS records are bogus:

    ;; AUTHORITY SECTION:     23h33m37s IN NS     23h33m37s IN NS

No A records are returned or exist for those names.

Now I _think_ what's going on once BIND gets that NS info, it
ignores the NS entries in the 'Nic DNS records. So if I now do a
'dig mx' BIND will try to contact one of
the above 2 NS servers and will fail. According to 'Nic,
the DNS servers for that domain are: SERVER0.DATACOM.NET and
then all is well.

It appears that 4.9.7 would ignore any cached NS entries for a
domain, and use the 'Nic records...

Can anyone else reproduce this?
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