BIND 8.2.2 T6B is available for bind-workers testing

Paul A Vixie vixie at
Mon Oct 11 23:51:46 UTC 1999

This fixes a few small problems found in T5A, and is running in production
at ISC.  This shows the promised changes to the UPDATE client API.  IXFR is
still disabled, but hardier souls are encouraged to #define it in named.h
and give it a try.  The next beta will be a release candidate, so this is
the right time to jump back on the "try it in production and see what happens"
part of testing cycle.  (And if you have any patches you've been hoarding,
this is your Last Chance.)

the distribution files are:

the pgp signature files are:

the md5 checksums are:

99a30f4314f82f8f480f6b2f42010b2c bind-contrib.tar.gz
85de54cec693f663b572939b363038a6 bind-contrib.tar.gz.asc
91030a4906771cb9ea129cf39a290bac bind-doc.tar.gz
5d209501add1e66bd1347686d3ef8b54 bind-doc.tar.gz.asc
097f41189ad3d20115418317f8bb1562 bind-src.tar.gz
c498899baca6456cc652e64b12864f06 bind-src.tar.gz.asc

top of CHANGES says:

	--- 8.2.2-T6B released ---

 849.	[support]	print rcode on failed UPDATE messages.

 848.	[port]		paths.h and port_before.h tweaks from SCO for unixware7

 847.	[port]		add SRC/irix_patch to make links in IRIX

 846.	[support]	restore some diagnotics lost when #634 was done.

 845.	[support]	WATSQ patch from Ted Rule of Flextech Television.

 844.	[support]	added src/DNSSEC with a note about BIND-8.1.2 interop.

 843.	[bug]		IXFR fixes.

 842.	[bug]		pointer arithmetic on (void *) not ANSI C.

 841.	[port]		sco50: make install: libport.a not longer exists.

 840.	[bug]		turning on touch_timer() in ctl_clnt.c found a bug.

 839.	[contrib]	new version of contrib/host (from author).

 838.	[support]	improve error reporting; remove lint.

 837.	[bug]		bin/host/host.c was not RFC2317 compliant.

 836.	[port]		hpux portability and speed improvements.

 835.	[port]		some shell's "cd" produce output - fix in port/systype.

	--- 8.2.2-T5A released ---

 834.	[support]	massive changes to dynupd API.

 833.	[port]		more Win/NT.

 832.	[feature]	boolean: treat-cr-as-space.  If yes, BIND will treat
			'\r' the same as it treats ' ' and '\t' in zone files.

 831.	[bugs]		DNSSEC/CAIRN workshop results (in addition to #826):
			- invalid size passed into b64_ntop in SIG parser
			- Invalid TSIG keys are now logged and ignored 
			  instead of panicing.
			- trusted-keys didn't work if a trailing dot
			  was present
			- a DST problem that occurs when one of the
			  multiprecision integers begins with a 0 byte.
			- TSIG signed truncated responses were mishandled.
			- minor RFC2535 changes.

 830.	[doc]		Minor updates to INSTALL

 829.	[support]	we need to cache SOA NXDOMAIN queries if only for a
			clock tick.

 828.	[support]	multiple zone warning clearer.

 827.	[bug]		the ctl interface was clearing already-cleared timers.

 826.	[contrib]	various improvements to contrib/dns_signer (from TIS).

 825.	[support]	change __NAMESER and __RES to 19991006.

 824.	[port]		sco50 needed #define __BIND_RES_TEXT in port_after.h 

 823.	[bug]		named-xfer missed a SIG text format change

 822.	[bug]		TSIG signed truncated responses crashed the server

 821.	[bug]		potential reference after free bugs.

 820.	[port]		ultrix finally works again.

 819.	[bug]		removed test for missing glue from nslookup() 
			as it got false matches.  There is no simple
			test for missing glue.

 818.	[bug]		back out #790, there was no memory leak.

 817.	[port]		Solaris needed #define BSD_COMP in port_before.h.

	--- 8.2.2-T4B released ---

 816.	[bug]		you could not raise the number of available file
			descriptors after the first call to res_send() and
			make use of them.

 815.	[feature]	report version via command line option (-v).

 814.	[feature]	getipnodebyname, getipnodebyaddr and freehostent added.
			These are RFC 2553 newcomers to the RFC 2133 set.

 813.	[support]	better diagnostics when trying to clean up old
			unix control socket.

 812.	[bug]		uninitalised variable.

 811.	[port]		sco50 make links was not linking resolv.h.diffs

 810.	[bug]		zone transfer did not transfer all DNSSEC records
			at delegation points. 

 809.	[support]	res_[n]sendupdate has died before it could be used.

 808.	[bug]		res_send() wasn't checking for EINTR after select().

 807.	[support]	it's now possible to send TSIG'd updates.

 806.	[support]	ns_parserr() was uncompressing from the wrong base
			in a certain corner case trod on by res_findzonecut().

 805.	[bug]		only set SO_LINGER if required by the OS,
			#define DO_SO_LINGER to do so.

 804.	[bug]		another swath of IXFR fixes.

 803.	[port]		Compaq Tru64 UNIX 4.0B with ZK3's experimental IPv6 kit
			installed will at least build, but hasn't been tested.

 802.	[support]	we no longer cache NXDOMAIN if the QTYPE was SOA.

 801.	[bug]		our negative caching logic would log spurious errors
			if the response had an empty question section.

 800.	[bug]		#764 was too aggressive in one case.

 799.	[port]		ultrix is a still-moving target.

 798.	[support]	QRYLOG now logs the QCLASS

 797.	[bug]		closing a thread which had called get*by*() would
			leak memory.

 796.	[support]	deallocate_on_exit now frees memory allocated by irs.

 795.	[port]		solaris 2.4 SO_REUSEADDR generates errors on
			unix domain sockets.

 794.	[bug]		ixfr_have_log() was logging wrong file name.

 793.	[bug]		clean_cache() was not alway removing complete RRsets.

 792.	[bug]		deallocate-on-exit caused references to freed memory.

 791.	[support]	MEMCLUSTER_DEBUG had an array size error.

 790.	[bug]		fix minor memory leak in ixfr code.

 789.	[bug]		#669 was too aggressive. more than cached data was

 788.	[bugs]		improvements to tsig and dnssec.

 787.	[port]		win/nt lint.

 786.	[port]		IRIX and emul_ioctl().

 785.	[bug]		#780 broke A record update support.

 784.	[bugs]		still trying to get IXFR working again.

	--- 8.2.2-T3B released ---

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