gcc & HPUX B.10.30

Mark_Andrews at iengines.com Mark_Andrews at iengines.com
Fri Oct 29 21:52:40 UTC 1999

	Can someone with gcc and HPUX B.10.30 see if this Makefile.set
	works there as well.  Don't worry about the other changes mentioned.


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From: "Parker, Michael" <Michael.Parker at am.sony.com>
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Subject: [BIND-BUGS #474] HPUX 11.00 GNU Modifications
Date: Wed, 27 Oct 1999 09:02:01 -0700

I submit to you modifications that I had to use to get HPUX11 port compiled
and linked correctly:

1. Copy the directory .../port/hpux10 to ../port/hpux11 (new) subdirectory

2. mv the directory .../port/hpux to .../port/Xhpux to prevent interference

3. Change .../port/hpux11/Makefile.set.gnu  as follows:

'CC=gcc -ansi -fPIC'
'YACC=bison -y -d'
'SYSLIBS=-ll -lnsl'
'PS=ps -p'

Comment: the gcc command requires -fPIC otherwise will not link
named.....the bison 1.28 under the current scheme needs the -y switch to
generate yacc type filename output.

4. Copy the above file to .../port/hpux11/Makefile.set

5. Change .../port/hpux11/probe to:



if [ -f $uname ]; then
        case `$uname -s`-`$uname -r` in
        HP-UX-B.11.*) exit 0 ;;

exit 1

6. cd to top of source directory and start building the named package.

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