IXFR under 8.2.2-P5?

Cricket Liu cricket at acmebw.com
Mon Jan 10 17:15:07 UTC 2000

> Just curious if IXFR is still not-quite-ready-for-prime-time 
> under the latest public release?  The last note I saw in src/CHANGES 
> said:
> 885.   [support]       IXFR improvements.
> But the previous IXFR related entry said:
> 869.   [bug]           disable client side IXFR (in 
> named-xfer) for now.
> And the later entry doesn't explicitly say where the improvements 
> were made, etc....

Yeah, client-side IXFR is still disabled.  Here's the relevant
line from named-xfer.c:

#define ENABLE_IXFR 0

(I think it's line 181.)


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