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Rich Adamson radamson at routers.com
Mon Jan 31 22:26:27 UTC 2000

> There is something still, however in win2k that is totaly messing with
> all our netscape users.  It happened twice yesterday that My netscape
> quit working and I got calls of users complaining about the same thing
> at that time I checked the syslog and seen unapproved updates from
> a dialup user using win2000.   I have seen this at least 4 other times as
> well.  Im not sure if it effects IE or not.
> Paul A Vixie wrote:
> > the Domain Naming Master role is a master role for Windows2000 domains
> > not DNS Domains. These roles have meaning only in the context of
> > Windows2000 Active Directory multimaster replication and no bearing on

To all,

I work as a consultant identifying operational problems with corporate nets.
We've worked with clients in 40 states, many of which have some form of Win2k
running (primarily in a non-production test mode). We've seen the same Win2k 
messages (unapproved update) appear in customer log files for their official 
dns primary machines, however none of these official machines are seeing/having 
any dns issues. We're very deep into protocol analysis, Sniffers, Bind upgrades, 
etc, and have not found any "serious" issues other than the benign error messages 
in the logs.

We've not spent a lot of time trying to determine the exact source, however
in one case a company employee was running Win2k (from the MSDN CDs) at home,
and pointed his dns to the official company machines. We traced the source of
the error messages to his machine, however the official v8.1.2 primary machines
are "only" logging the error messages. A dump of the official dns tables did
not indicate anything unusual, and we've checked the database several times.
This particular company is very highly visible with online trading, so if their 
dns servers would have been impacted by the Win2k issue, they would have raised 
a big red flag more than 30 days ago. The error messages continue to fill their

Your mileage may vary, but I don't believe the errant Win2k process is a serious

Rich Adamson
Network Partners Inc.
radamson at routers.com

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