TLD nameservers that also cache?

Brad Knowles blk at
Thu Jul 6 16:50:08 UTC 2000

At 10:30 AM -0600 2000/7/6, LaMont Jones wrote:

>  What about adding stub zones to your caching nameservers?  That would
>  populate the NS RR's for your zones, while not burdening them with a
>  complete copy of the zone.

	We've got thousands of domains.  Maybe I'm missing something, but 
since most of them are very small (they only list the four NSes 
pointing to through, what www.<> 
resolves to, and what the MXes are), I don't see this as being much 
less work than setting them up as full secondaries for all those 
zones.  And setting them up as secondaries would give us less 
differences in configuration to deal with -- we could just copy our 
existing secondary configuration to them for that part.

>  Of course, that still doesn't solve the problem for people not using
>  your caching nameservers.

	Yup, that's certainly another problem I'd like to see an answer for.

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