TLD nameservers that also cache?

LaMont Jones lamont at
Thu Jul 6 16:30:43 UTC 2000

> 	Of course, when we make changes on our own local network (e.g., 
> to move to a different IP address), we restart our own 
> caching nameservers, so that our customers can see these changes as 
> quickly as possible.  However, when the caching nameservers come back 
> up, it is fairly likely that they will have their cache polluted by 
> the old information that has been cached on one of these two machines.
> 	Well, what kind of solutions are possible?

What about adding stub zones to your caching nameservers?  That would
populate the NS RR's for your zones, while not burdening them with a
complete copy of the zone.

Of course, that still doesn't solve the problem for people not using
your caching nameservers.


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