TLD nameservers that also cache?

Brad Knowles blk at
Thu Jul 6 15:48:19 UTC 2000

At 8:07 AM -0700 2000/7/6, Rick H Wesson wrote:

>  some one else could check me on this idea.... may i suggest you just
>  ask the .be for their .be zone and run the .be for your self. if you don't
>  need to talk to them your cash won't get poluted.

	We could work with DNS.BE and try to become an official secondary 
nameserver for this ccTLD, but that doesn't solve the cache pollution 
problem represented by

	In the past, we have pulled zone transfers from the DNS.BE 
nameservers to conduct some testing for the Belgian AltaVista server 
we were setting up at the time, but they have since turned off the 
ability for unknown servers to pull a zone transfer from those 

>  this would add the maintance of getting the zone as often as makes
>  it available and you'll have to deal with the consequences if you miss a
>  new copy of the zone.

	That would speed up our access to the ".be" ccTLD, but it 
wouldn't solve the cache pollution problem, because of the way BIND 
periodically re-tests response time and makes sure that it 
occasionally talks to each of the servers it knows about for each 

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