BIND 8.2.3 T1A and Notify

Ted_Rule at Ted_Rule at
Mon Mar 6 09:46:40 UTC 2000

Someone's going to tell me the code already does this, but how's about
defaulting "stealth slaves" to notify no, and others to notify yes.....

By  which I mean...

master servers issue notify requests to all servers listed in NS records +
also-notify set.

slave servers with notify enabled AND NS records for themselves - which
implies they are NOT part of the master's also-notify set - issue notifies to
all other servers in the NS record set other than the master which notified
( As at present )

"stealth slaves" == slave servers with notify enabled and NO NS records for
themselves - which implies they ARE part of the master's also-notify set
- do NOT issue notifies to all other servers.
I think this should pretty well automate the slave/master sub-option
which Mark has suggested, albeit that you'd somehow have to override
the condition if you have a multi-level configuration with more than the
envisaged master/slave/stealth-slave levels accomodated by this.

For 200 servers of which 10 are in the NS record set, we get each NS slave
or master issuing 9 other notifies to the other NS records + however many
explicit also-notify's have been hand configured. Thus very few "spurious"
notifies, unless the administrator explicitly configured them.


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