BIND 8.2.3 T1A and Notify

Michael Milligan milli at
Wed Mar 8 04:30:56 UTC 2000

> Paul,
> We have tested BIND 8.2.3 T1A IXFR here on Linux and HP/UX, it looks
> There is a problem we found with Notify. The feature of a slave sending
out a
> notify after loading a zone is back.  This at one time was removed and in
> 8.2.3 T1A is back.
> Looking at the RFC it looks like you put it back for  RFC compliance.
> I am not sure that this is a good thing.

I welcome having this behavior fixed.  It's a pain to have to manually
configure and maintain also-notify lists on slaves that have other slaves
pointing to them (and all slaves listed in the NS RRset).  This is not
uncommon in firewalled environments or situations where sets of servers are
separated by small pipes, and the price of a few extra packets versus
managing also-notify lists is an easy trade off to make now (that is, until
zone changes start happening with a high frequency).


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