BIND8 (library part) with IPv6 transport support

Jun-ichiro itojun Hagino itojun at
Wed Jan 31 01:46:26 UTC 2001

	at the following URL, you can find a snapshot diff for IPv6 transport-
	ready BIND8 resolver library.  The changes include:
	- IPv6 address in /etc/resolv.conf, 
	- A6/DNAME support
	- some A6/DNAME chasing (all results must be in additional section)
	- provides should provide enough binary compatibility with plain BIND8
	  (example: no change in size of res_state).

	named is not compilable, due to many uses of "IPv4 address in u_long"
	in zone transfer and security part and the lack of time on our side.

	sorry that it is based on 8.2.2p7, we will update to 8.2.3 soon
	(the upgrade should be easy).

	Not sure how this patch should be handled in the future.  Here are
	possible routes:
	- If future BIND9 provides BIND8 binary-compatible glues, we don't
	  need the above patch, we need to to convince vendors to replace
	  resolver library to new one.
	- we could add lwres protocol support into BIND8 resolver library,
	  and minimize diffs into BIND8 resolver ("if you want A6 chasing,
	  use lwres").
	- we could also implement BIND8-compatible resolver library, which
	  implements lwres protocol only.


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