problems with dig with bind 9.1 on BSD/OS 4.1?

Jun-ichiro itojun Hagino itojun at
Wed Jan 31 18:36:29 UTC 2001

>In order to make 'dig' work properly on BSD/OS 4.1, I had to compile 
>the package with --disable-threads; otherwise, it hung on a select() 
>call somewhere in the threads library after printing the answer.  Worse 
>yet, it ignored SIGINT and SIGTERM; I had to reason with it rather more 
>named itself seemed to work, though I didn't stress it; nevertheless, 
>to be safe I installed the recompiled version of it, too.

	is it about BIND823, or 910?  did you compile openssl by yourself,
	or are you using openssl shipped with BIND910?

	anyway, we have experienced the same symptom, yes.


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