feature matching for BIND NT

Joe Rhett jrhett at isite.net
Thu May 3 05:09:19 UTC 2001

> Now we are getting closer to your real problem.  What you want to do is to
> clear the cache and maybe reload the configuration and zone data. Maybe you
> should be explaining the benefit you see to clearing the cache.  Maybe what
> you really want is a "Clear Cache" button.  So what's the benefit of doing this
> apart from the obvious one of reducing memory consumption? That's what I
> really want to understand.
Your assumption. My real desire was to reload changes to named.conf. Belay
that - my real desire was to have a function directly equivalent to 
"ndc restart" or "ndc reconfig" even. I wouldn't want to keep track of the

> As I said before, the Win32 System Services have no restart function. The ONLY
> way to do this is to issue two commands to the Win32 Services, the first to stop
> the service and the second to start it. So why bother to create another button?
Why does ndc have a restart command? Why not just stop and start? Why are
you asking rhetorical questions. I'm requesting feature matching, not
trying to argue philosophical issues.

> Yet you want to clear the cache without giving any reason why. It may
> be obvious to you, yet there is no clear cache command on Unix either. If there's
> no reason FOR doing something why would you want this on NT?

What are you babbling about? Your assumption on the cache issue, which I
have never mentioned. I'm talking about feature matching. I think everyone
would benefit from a BINDCtrl panel that mirrored ndc options.

> If I know what the issues are that you are trying to resolve, maybe I can come
> up with a reasonable solution. I don't know of anyone else doing active work
> on BIND 8 on NT, so if you need real help, explain the issues and the problems.
> Making nasty comments about people doesn't solve anything, especially when
> they're unjustified.

I'm just confused by your one-sided conversation about caching. I don't
care about caching issues. I'm looking for a Bind Control Panel with every
common ndc option. Simple, straightforward. 1<->1 feature match.

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