Event ID source incorrect for BIND 8.2.3 NT port

Joe Rhett jrhett at isite.net
Thu May 3 05:20:55 UTC 2001

> > My own reason for finding this functionality desirable is that it makes BIND on NT function more like BIND on Unix, and therefore it is easier to train people to deal with a single product and not have to worry so much about what particular platform people may have sitting in front of them.

Exactly. Thank you, Brad.

> Yes, I understand all of that.  However, what do you tell them about when
> they should do this? If I understand you correctly you provide them with a FAQ
> which says, in effect, if A happens, then do B.  I'd like to know what A is in order
> for the answer be to say: "type 'ndc restart'".

Changes to named.conf. That is 100% of the problem I am trying to deal
with at this moment, however I would prefer that we didn't have an option
that did something different on NT than on Unix. So my request was phrased
as a feature match.

>  Since I know that you've administered some major networks, maybe you
> are willing to explain to me why you find it necessary to clear the cache on a
> server from time to time. What problem do you encounter that requires you
> to do this? I one thing that seems to be clear so far is that the restart clears
> cache as a "side-effect" of restart. I run my NT systems for months at a time
> without rebooting them, in spite of what people say about needing to do so
> regularly. I don't recommend that people reboot their systems after installing BIND.
> So why restart BIND?

This is not related to my request, and I have no real opinion on clearing
the cache. It's not an issue for me. I just wouldn't want an option on NT
to do something different than the same option on Unix. If 'restart'
happens to clear the cache (because the process was stopped and started) I
wouldn't want it to do something different on NT just because neither I nor
anyone else I can name wants to track OS-specific changes.

You made a comment about implementing 'reconfig' -- that would satisfy my
immediate goal as well.

Note however than I can (in theory) name a time that someone would want to
clear the cache. This isn't a problem I'm trying to solve at this time, and
there may be better ways to solve it. I'm just giving you a 'what-if'
because you asked for one.

	There are a hell of a lot more inexperienced administrators operating
	Internet-connected systems than used to be, or probably should be. Many
	of them don't grasp the TTL issues, and make changes to web or mail
	servers without lowering the TTL in advance. Once the problem is
	diagnosed properly, the only way I know of in Bind 8 to resolve the
	problem is to clear the cache. I used to have some good tricks, but 
	these fell under 'security problems' and Paul 'fixed' them ;-(

Yes, yes. Stupid people should suffer their mistakes. However it doesn't
change that one needs to 'do' when a VP calls down because they can't log
into their partner-venture's website, or get mail to them.

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