feature matching for BIND NT

Joe Rhett jrhett at isite.net
Fri May 4 17:44:06 UTC 2001

> >I'm just confused by your one-sided conversation about caching. I don't
> >care about caching issues. I'm looking for a Bind Control Panel with every
> >common ndc option. Simple, straightforward. 1<->1 feature match.

> I was trying to look beyond feature matching just for the sake of
> feature matching. In fact you don't have anything deeper than that. 

Correct. You were looking right past my intent ;-)

> I'm sorry you feel these were dumb questions, but I like to see beyond the
> small details to the big picture.  Porting is not a simple process especially
> when going to a totally different architecture. I like to have good reasons for
> doing something, not just because it exists elsewhere.
No - actually didn't think they were dumb questions, so much as I felt you
were talking down on the issue. I didn't realize you were looking for

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