bind-8.2.3, zone transfer ACLs, and slave server log silence.

Ted_Rule at Ted_Rule at
Wed May 9 14:09:40 UTC 2001

Apologies in advance if this has been rectified in 8.2.4; I had a rummage
through the
Changelog and couldn't see anything which seemed to particularly apply, so here

Whilst trying to set up a new stealth slave secondary for a zone, I managed to
forget to
add the slave's IP to the master' allow-transfer acl. This highlighted a small
wherein the slave doesn't appear to log its failure to perform a zone transfer
due to
a DNS REFUSED response. The master, of course, logs an "unapproaved transfer"

This might have serious consequences for a slave where the master was initially
somewhat security lax, but where the master's admin tightened security a bit
by locking out unapproved zone transfers and made a typo leaving one the slaves
in limbo.

The syslog's I managed to get with no debug enabled between a bind 8.2.2-P7
and a bind-8.2.3 slave are as per below with fttvgpsutil2 slave to intranot for
the zone.

May  9 14:34:38 intranot named[692]: Sent NOTIFY for " IN
SOA" (; 1 NS, 1 A
May  9 14:34:38 intranot named[692]: Received NOTIFY answer from
for " IN SOA"
May  9 14:34:38 fttvgpsutil2 named[29074]: notify: info: rcvd
NOTIFY(, IN, SOA) from [].53253
May  9 14:34:38 intranot named[692]: unapproved AXFR from [].1510
for "" (acl)

The nearest I can easily see in some bind 8.2.2-P5 source I have to hand for
where this
falure to log the failure occurs is as per below from
An all too brief scan of the source suggests that this syslog:

                                  "[%s] transfer refused from [%s], zone %s\n",

is never reached because it is enclosed by:

     if (len < HFIXEDSZ) {

whlist the syslog is enclosed by

       (len >= HFIXEDSZ)) {

( I admit that there's a jump to badrec: here which probably invalidates my
quick reading of this bit of code )

In any event, I feel the transfer should be logged at LOG_WARNING level.

A related matter is that I managed to add the stealth server to the also-notify
list , but not
the allow-transfer acl. Since one fully expects any server which is notified to
perform a zone
transfer, one is strongly tempted to grant zone transfer rights to ANY server
which already
has also-notify enabled, and reduce the potential for a mismatch between the
and also-notify acls.

In a fully DNSSEC world, one could almost create the allow-transfer acl on the
fly based on
all the fully authenticated IPs of all the NS records for a zone - but that's
probably stretching
the issue far too far and trusting far too many DNS admins to get all their glue

Ted Rule,
Flextech Television.

Within named-xfer.c, ( from bind 8.2.2-P5 source )

                                if (len < HFIXEDSZ) {

                                        alen = sizeof my_addr;
                                        if (getsockname(s, (struct sockaddr *)
                                                        &my_addr, &alen) < 0)
                                                        "[errno %d]", errno);
                                        if ((hp->rcode == REFUSED) &&
                                            (len >= HFIXEDSZ)) {
                                  "[%s] transfer refused from [%s], zone %s\n",


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