bind-8.2.3, zone transfer ACLs, and slave server log silence.

Ted_Rule at Ted_Rule at
Thu May 10 09:09:37 UTC 2001

I had, of course, omitted an extra detail which explained part of the problem.

My logging statements divert to syslog LOG_LOCAL1 facility by default, whereas
bind goes to LOG_DEAMON
if not overridden, and  I was deriving the combined DNS log extract from my
combined LOG_LOCAL1 logs yesterday.

The named.xfer.c source, of course, uses plain old syslog rather than the
full-blown logging configuration in named,
and appears to log to LOG_DAEMON irrespective of named.conf logging statements.

Hence checking in the combined syslog file of /var/log/messages, I do indeed
find that named-xfer logs
a refusal as per below.

An improvement, I guess, would be for named-xfer to inherit the syslog facility
associated with
the xfer-in category via an extra command line option ( -F for facility appears
to be free ). For absolute completeness
one would want to inherit the print-category and print-severity options for that
 channel as well.


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