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dean gaudet dean-list-bind-workers at
Sun Aug 4 02:22:29 UTC 2002

On Sun, 4 Aug 2002, Paul Vixie wrote:

> |   - Some name servers send their responses from different
> |     addresses than the one used to receive the query.  That is, a
> |     resolver cannot rely that a response will come from the same
> |     address which it sent the corresponding query to.  This name
> |     server bug is typically encountered in UNIX systems.
> libresolv, libbind, and bind8 have required that the response source be the
> same as the query destination since about the BIND KJB/4.9 era, and there's
> no reason to relax now.  (SunOS 4.1.3 was the culprit, and is long dead.)

it seems that aol nameservers have a hell of a time returning responses
from the proper address.

below are the top 20 'response from unexpected source' log entries for my
server today.


     32 IN AAAA
     32 IN A6
     27 IN AAAA
     22 IN A
     21 IN A6
     20 IN AAAA
     20 IN A6
     20 IN AAAA
     19 IN A6
     19 IN AAAA
     19 IN A6
     12 IN A6
     12 IN AAAA
     11 IN A6
     10 IN A
     10 IN A
     10 IN A
      8 IN A6

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