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Brad Knowles brad.knowles at
Sun Aug 4 18:34:19 UTC 2002

At 7:22 PM -0700 2002/08/03, dean gaudet wrote:

>  it seems that aol nameservers have a hell of a time returning responses
>  from the proper address.
>  below are the top 20 'response from unexpected source' log entries for my
>  server today.

	Hmm.  You shouldn't be getting any DNS responses from any of the 
AOL mail servers.  They shouldn't have nameservers running on them, 
and even if they did, that should be forward-only through a central 
set of caching nameservers that should be able to handle on the order 
of 32,000 DNS queries per second.

	If you get DNS responses from the AOL nameservers which have 
different reverse DNS for IP addresses than the forward resolution, 
then that is an artifact of the multi-homed nature of the machines 
and certain legacy issues.

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