Bind-dlz was Re: update of the LDAP sdb driver in contrib/sdb

Rob Butler robert.butler5 at
Sat Aug 10 23:28:28 UTC 2002

Just so you all know, much more is on the way with bind-dlz.

A few bug fixes and minor enhancements
Many, many more drivers:
1) MySQL
2) File system - use a directory heirarchy to hold DNS data -- this is not
named flat files!!  Should be really cool with either reiser or in memory
file systems.
3) Berkeley DB.  Full concurrent process access.  Not NDB style interaction.
5) and LDAP!!

On top of all that we even plan to do performance testing comparing standard
bind to bind-dlz with various databases.  So you can make an informed
decision on how you want to implement dlz to meet your performance /
management needs!!!

Stig,  I hope you can help out with lots of input on the ldap driver.  I
plan to start fresh for the dlz ldap driver, but your input will be
extremely valuable.

Glad to see DLZ is "looking pretty good" Brad!  Postive feedback (as well as
negative) is definetly encouraged.

Rob - DLZ author

> At 8:25 AM +0200 2002/08/10, Turbo Fredriksson wrote:
> >  I was wondering how STABLE both this sdb back-end AND bind9 is,
> >  for production purposes that is... ?
> Have you tried DLZ-BIND?  It's looking pretty good, at least to me.
> See <> for more info.
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