Bind-dlz was Re: update of the LDAP sdb driver in contrib/sdb

Stig Venaas Stig.Venaas at
Tue Aug 13 05:34:48 UTC 2002

On Sat, Aug 10, 2002 at 07:28:28PM -0400, Rob Butler wrote:
> On top of all that we even plan to do performance testing comparing standard
> bind to bind-dlz with various databases.  So you can make an informed
> decision on how you want to implement dlz to meet your performance /
> management needs!!!

As far as I can tell (only had a very quick look), you're using the
SDB interface as well for the actual zone data. So any possible SDB
problems would be the same for both our drivers (and all other SDB

> Stig,  I hope you can help out with lots of input on the ldap driver.  I
> plan to start fresh for the dlz ldap driver, but your input will be
> extremely valuable.

It seems to me that I can use my current driver with DLZ with only
small changes, the only new code to write would be the findzone()
and allowzonexfer(). Some of the code can be reused for this as well.
I also have someone asking for dynamically adding zones, they are
using my current stuff and want to use the same schema still. I think
it would make sense to stick to the same schema. I'm happy to discuss
schema changes, but I have to try to support what I got now as well.

I hope to find time to experiment with DLZ and hopefully have a working
LDAP driver within a few weeks, then you can look at that, and decide
what you want to do.


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