ongoing stability problems in 8.3.3

Greg A. Woods woods at
Thu Jul 4 16:33:09 UTC 2002

I've upgraded all my production (and most test) nameservers to
bind-8.3.3 (all the ones not running BIND-9, that is), and I'm still
experiencing some SIGSEGV's -- mostly on sparc, but one again on i386
too (all on NetBSD).  Unfortunately I've not yet convinced the systems
to dump core on this event, nor have I happened to be running any of
them under a debugger at the time.  These are probably due to strange
data appearing from the network (all the servers that have crashed are
running as cache servers), and all the hardware they're running on is
otherwise stable and has either ECC or parity protected memory.

I just wanted to send a "heads up" and ask if anyone else has seen
similar things too....

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