FORMERR from bind9 for reverse map for Ottawa dialup

Michael Richardson mcr at
Thu Aug 21 18:48:21 UTC 2003


>>>>> "Greg" == Greg A Woods <woods at> writes:
    Greg> That doesn't help.  You're still asking the same thing of the same
    Greg> apparently authoritative servers.  I'd be surprised if you got
    Greg> different 
    Greg> results than before.

  If the TXT record doesn't exist, then I should not get the SOA record
of the zone above it. I think that this is WRONG.

    Greg> As I recall what you originally asked about was your own local
    Greg> caching server.

    Greg> Why don't you kill and re-start it several times and immediately
    Greg> after 

  It is my laptop. It has been restarted several times since.
  Forget about my laptop at this point. Mark has answered the question as to
why the FORMERR. I get it this part.

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