named 8.3.4 dies under recursive cache load (with ACL'ed zones?)

Greg A. Woods woods at
Sat Feb 15 19:56:10 UTC 2003

[ On Saturday, February 15, 2003 at 10:48:01 (-0800), David Conrad wrote: ]
> Subject: Re: named 8.3.4 dies under recursive cache load (with ACL'ed zones?) 
> Out of curiosity, what features are those?

Well, I've been talking about these things for several years now.  They
boil down to production and operational features that I use on a daily
basis in BINDv8:

	- several logging mis-features (channels are unchangable until
	  after named.conf has been read in its entirety, for one)

	- cannot even be optionally configured to enforce RFC 952

	- cannot keep track of very host that it interacts with

	- caches cannot keep track of where they learned RRs from

	- does not keep track of and report other useful runtime statistics

	- no AF_LOCAL (i.e. AF_UNIX) control channel support for rndc
	  (I don't need or want any remote control access!)

	- serious ongoing security bugs with PID file management (and
	  though I and others have patches that seem to fix these bugs,
	  they've been ignored to date)

At least now finally in 9.2.x rndc is almost useful and usable, so
that's one down!  ;-)

I'm sure there are other things I'm forgetting too....

> Actually, if there is a bug in BINDv8 as you suspect, then going to 
> BINDv9 would probably help given that there is essentially no shared 
> code between BINDv8 and BINDv9.

Yup, let's trade one set of known bugs for another set of unknown bugs!  ;-)

I appreciate that lots of people are relatively happily running BINDv9,
but I'm not near ready to yet myself, except of course on the test
servers where I keep my hopes up trying out new releases.

I also appreciate very much that code doesn't write itself and that the
programmers who do write it (including myself!) like to get compensated
for our efforts.

I am surprised though that many of these production and operational
features have not yet been added to such a widely used piece of
production software.

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