Packaging BIND 9 for Windows?

Mon Apr 5 16:59:47 UTC 2004

Any interest from others on working together, using
the Windows Installer XML tools from Microsoft
(released under an IBM OSSish license) to make it easier
to distribute installable BIND 9 packages for
Windows?  Or is ISC already working on the same?
I'd like to get such a thing working and then get it
contributed into the main-line BIND 9 tree.

Last time I tried, the process of installing BIND 9
on Windows boxen (even the original compile host)
required a little more sysadmin hand-holding than I
would prefer--if there's been relevant progress
_without_ a toolset like this then I'd love to know.
I'll hopefully get a chance to test some things with
more recent BIND 9 on Windows next week.

Best starting point for info on the toolset:


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