under what conditions should I see multiple concurrent threads with BIND 9.3.2b2

Mark Andrews Mark_Andrews at isc.org
Wed Nov 23 03:17:04 UTC 2005

> I'm resurrecting my old netperf3 "DNS_RR" test in the new netperf4 harness 
> (http://www.netperf.org/svn/netperf4/trunk/) and have been building 9.3.2b2 o
> n 
> SLES9 SP2 IA64 on an 8 CPU system, using --enable-threads.  However, I don't 
> seem to see named consuming more than one CPU's worth of CPU.
> I've done a configure --enable-threads
> I've set debugging high and saw messages about using 8 threads in named.run.
> I've used ldd to see that the pthread library is linked-in.
> I've had requests come-in on more than one IP address.
> still, never more than 99.9% CPU util for named per top.  I've scanned the FA
> Q 
> file in the distro without success and am wondering which FM I've missed that
> will hit me over the head with a clue bat (preferably Nerf :)
> sincerely,
> rick jones

	I suspect there is a OS/platform specific issue here.  This
	is the sort of behaviour you get with user level threads.

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