Many views and many zones...

Marco Schumann schumann at
Mon Aug 13 07:53:13 UTC 2007


>> If IP asks for, it gets response from view
>> customer1, if it asks for, it gets response from view
>> customer2, if asks for, it may receive a
> so, what you'd want is similar to an additional "match-zones" (or maybe
> "match-domains", since "match-zones" might be more difficult to implement)
> as an entry condition for the view, so that the view selection depends
> also on the QNAME?

Maybe, this is another idea, which sounds even better than our approach.
A view should only match if match-client AND match-domains are hit.

We started to think about to return to "chose a view" and re-run the
resolution process, but we will get into troble with threads as we would
need to synchronize the "chosing a view" and ask the database and answer
the client.

>> response from view world (the last configured matching view) or NXDOMAIN
>> if it is not configured there.
> NXDOMAIN isn't the default for unserved zones.

In the context of an authoritative-only nameserver we always receive a
NXDOMAIN, do I miss something? In fact that is our problem as no other
view is used if one matched and the QNAME can't be served in there.

Kind regards

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