Many views and many zones...

Paul Vixie Paul_Vixie at
Mon Aug 13 16:35:20 UTC 2007

> >> response from view world (the last configured matching view) or NXDOMAIN
> >> if it is not configured there.
> > 
> > NXDOMAIN isn't the default for unserved zones.
> In the context of an authoritative-only nameserver we always receive a
> NXDOMAIN, do I miss something? In fact that is our problem as no other
> view is used if one matched and the QNAME can't be served in there.

if you're answering without recursion (either it's off or disallowed for
this client in this view), then you'll get NXDOMAIN if you serve the QNAME
or any superdomain of the QNAME (for example, if you have a root zone
defined), otherwise you'll get REFUSED or SERVFAIL depending on the age
of the server.

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