questions about xml stats ... and seeking screenshots

Jeremy C. Reed reed at
Wed Aug 15 14:26:14 UTC 2007

(If you don't know, I have been editing on the ARM for a long time to 
publish it as a printed book. I have shared back hundreds of changes. I 
hope to provide some docs on the XML stats via httpd even though it is 

I started using the XML-based stats via httpd on a non-production 

I don't see in the docs the definition of <addrport4> or <addrport6>. (If 
this is documented, please point me to it.) I found in source it is like:

stats-server address <IPv4> port <number>

I didn't test it and maybe I am reading the source wrong, but why does it 
use CFG_ADDR_WILDOK with cfg_parse_rawport? Should it really allow * with 
"stats-server port *"?

I used I used 8080 (http-alt) for testing and it listens on all 
addresses by default.

Maybe it should default to if "stats-server address" is not 

What port number will you be suggesting for this?

Since I am not using this on a production environment, can someone please 
share some screenshots that I may re-use? Either give them away as public 
domain or make available under exact same license as BIND?

I don't need screenshots of all stats but maybe just a few examples.

If you can provide screenshots, please resize your web browser (or 
whatever you use to render the text/xml), to as small as it can to lose 
any unnecessary whitespace (while still being readable) and raise your 
font size if appropriate. And save as TIFF or PNG or lossless format (and 
not GIF and not JPEG or any lossy format).

Also the stats include details like the following (to end of this email). 
Where are these all documented? If not documented, can you please 
summarize or point out what is useful? If you are a bind admin, what would 
you quickly use these stats for?


Server statistics
success	0
referral	0
nxrrset	0
nxdomain	0
recursion	0
failure	0
duplicate	0

Zones for View _default
Name	Class	Serial	Success	Referral	NXRRSET	NXDOMAIN	Recursion	Failure	Duplicate	Dropped

Zones for View _bind
Name	Class	Serial	Success	Referral	NXRRSET	NXDOMAIN	Recursion	Failure	Duplicate	Dropped
authors.bind	CH	0
hostname.bind	CH	0
version.bind	CH	0
id.server	CH	


Network Status
ID	Name	Type	References	LocalAddress	PeerAddress	State
0x81e9000	httpd	tcp	1		
              listener bound
0x81e92c0	dispatcher	udp	2		bound
0x81e9420	dispatcher	tcp	2		listener bound
0x81e9580	dispatcher	udp	2		bound
0x81e96e0	dispatcher	tcp	2		listener bound 
0x81e9840	dispatcher	udp	1		bound

Task Manager Configuration
Thread-Model	threaded
Worker Threads	1
Default Quantum	5
Tasks Running	1

ID	Name	References	State	Quantum

like state (idle or running)

  Jeremy C. Reed

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