Paul Wouters: Re: [dnssec-deployment] DNS cache issue

Jeremy C. Reed reed at
Fri Nov 23 18:16:33 UTC 2007

> i'm also very concerned that you're shipping 9.5 before its final 
> release.  i won't even run new BIND releases on my desktop before it 
> hits RC1.  shipping them to unskilled users fills me with dread.

If I read this right, this is only in Fedora which is often considered as 
a testing operating system. It "showcases the **latest** in free and open 
source software"[1] (my emphasis). It has objectives to be on the "leading 
edge" and adopt new features[2] and "rapid progress"[3] of technologies 
and "bleeding-edge ... released early and often"[4].

It seems appropriate to me based on their objectives for 9.5 to be in 
their operating system. (Maybe someone else can comment on when it will be 
in RHEL -- but it could be years from now?)

Back to the original topic of this thread, the Fedora goals also is to do 
as much of the development work as possible directly in the upstream 

[5] 	(again)

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