Adding new RR types?

Duncan Gauld dag24 at
Thu Aug 27 14:01:53 UTC 2009


As an intern working on a research project, I have to implement some
new resource record types in BIND. I was wondering if there existed
any developer FAQs or other documentation that might give guidance
about such development tasks as this?

I've worked out how to add the basic RR type modules (in order that
gen.c picks them up, etc.) but am trying to understand what further
code (particularly rdata processing code) needs to be looked at in
order to properly integrate the new types.

I understand that BIND developer documentation is deliberately sparse
in order to discourage amateur hacking like this, so I'd be grateful
for any pointers. I believe the project (link below) is heading
towards RFC in the near future.

The RR types are described in the internet draft
More details on the project in general, if interested:

Many thanks for any assistance,

Duncan Gauld.

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