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Fri Aug 28 02:08:17 UTC 2009

In message <2771dd830908270701uecf6ecdl2745db1f9d2b2849 at>, Duncan
 Gauld writes:
> Hello,
> As an intern working on a research project, I have to implement some
> new resource record types in BIND. I was wondering if there existed
> any developer FAQs or other documentation that might give guidance
> about such development tasks as this?
> I've worked out how to add the basic RR type modules (in order that
> gen.c picks them up, etc.) but am trying to understand what further
> code (particularly rdata processing code) needs to be looked at in
> order to properly integrate the new types.

Unless the RR requires special processing to happen in the server
you just implement the methods and you are done.  Additional section
processing is not special here. There is plenty of example code
there to look at with existing RRs.
> I understand that BIND developer documentation is deliberately sparse
> in order to discourage amateur hacking like this, so I'd be grateful
> for any pointers. I believe the project (link below) is heading
> towards RFC in the near future.

No.  Coders just arn't generally good at documentation.  It's as
simple as that.

If you feel like documenting the proceedure for adding a new RR
then we are quite happy to add it to the tar ball.
> The RR types are described in the internet draft
> <>.
> More details on the project in general, if interested:
> <>
> Many thanks for any assistance,
> Duncan Gauld.
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