patches to make bind9 with TKEY/GSS updates easier to configure

Mark Andrews marka at
Thu Dec 2 05:55:03 UTC 2010

In message <19703.10388.533135.227163 at>, tridge at writes:
> Hi Mark,
>  > This is not what I would expect it the patch applied cleanly.  dstkey is
>  > now dstkeyp (third arguement).
> ahh, well spotted. I was running the new binary under gdb, but it was
> picking up the libs from the install prefix. I hadn't done a install,
> Using the right libs means it doesn't abort at startup, but I still
> get the INSIST() assert that indicates a memory leak when I do a
> TSIG-GSS udpate:
>   02-Dec-2010 15:55:28.336 mem.c:1074: INSIST((((ctx->debuglist[i]).head == (
> (void *)0)) ? isc_boolean_true : isc_boolean_false)) failed, back trace
> The full backtrace is here:
> Sorry for the false alarm!
> Cheers, Tridge
> PS: Are you on #bind on IRC?


"-T clientest" is designed to catch long term memory usage which
shouldn't be associated with a clients memory context (short term).

The offending memory is allocated here.

	ptr 0x7fcab83defd0 size 62 file name.c line 2153
	ptr 0x7fcab83db0b0 size 80 file dst_api.c line 1210
	ptr 0x7fcab83df010 size 176 file dst_api.c line 1203

tkey.c:process_gsstkey() uses msg->mctx rather than ring->mctx to create
the key.  Once this is corrected msg is no longer needed.

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