Request for guidance in adding a new TYPE

Ahmad Kamil Abdul Hamid kamil at
Wed Sep 1 08:14:33 UTC 2010


I am a PhD student working on the management of cloud computing. I am trying
to provide a lookup function for the PROCESS ID (pid) of a VM running on a
physical host.

Thus I am planning to propose a new type (in addition to A, CNAME, MX etc)
in the zone file, such as the following:

vm01 IN PR xx.xx.xx.xx!pid


vm01 = virtual machine's hostname
PR = is the new type (means PROCESS)
The answer is: xx.xx.xx.xx!pid
xx.xx.xx.xx = physical host's IP address
pid = the process ID that runs vm01

I have scanned through the source codes and I guess there are plenty of
modifications that I need to do. This will be my first time in modifying a
huge program such as Bind.

Therefore, would anyone be so kind to guide me in modifying the source

For e.g.
Step 1: define new struct in lib/dns/master.c
Step 2: ...

Thank you for your kind assistance.

Best regards.

Ahmad Kamil Abdul Hamid
PhD candidate,
The University of Tokyo.
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