BIND 9.2.4 NOTIFY problem from Master

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Thanks Cathy. I'll post my question to bind-users. 

Anthony Iliopoulos was very helpful. He suggested I use the notify category in our logging channel statement. We can now see that the secondaries do receive notification from the master. We just have to figure out why the secondaries don't act on this notify.


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Hi Marty,

bind-users is a better list for this type of 'why' and 'how to' discussion.

BIND 9.2.4 is very old and no longer supported by ISC - we'd recommend
that you upgrade to something current in order to obtain the latest bug
fixes, features and protection from security issues.  I don't recall
offhand if there are relevant changes - but you can check this yourself
by looking in the release notes for newer versions.

Unless you disabled notify or changed how/who is notified in the
configuration, by default a nameserver loading a zone is going to notify
all the authoritative servers per the NS records found in the actual
zone that is loaded.  The one exception to this is the primary master
(as found in the SOA record for the zone).

If this doesn't help provide clues, please can you re-post your question
to bind-users - (noting that the community there will also most likely
advise you to upgrade your version too!).


On 22/09/10 12:48, Meadows, Marty wrote:
> Following a reboot of our Master BIND server a few days ago we noticed
> that automatic notification to the secondary BIND servers is failing.
> The secondaries can be reloaded manually with an rndc reload. They will
> automatically refresh zone files every 4 hours as defined in the SOA
> record. They do not, however, receive notification from the Master ... or
> if they do they ignore it.
> We've been studying this and are stumped. We believed we should see a
> "notify" string in the named query logs from/to master/secondary. We do
> not. We thought we might see notify info if we snooped port 53 on the
> master and secondaries. We do not. These BIND instances are running on
> Solaris 10 platforms. We've attempted to modify named.conf to force
> notification but that doesn't seem to help. These BIND servers are
> multi-homed with IP addresses on a 143.242 and a 10.1 network.
> I only just subscribed to this listserv this morning. I hope this is the
> correct forum for this. If it is not I apologize. Thanks for any advice
> you can offer.
> Marty
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