Case-Insensitive Response Compression May Cause Problems With Mixed-Case Data and Non-Conforming Clients

Paul Vixie paul at
Mon Feb 10 15:40:25 UTC 2014

Tony Finch wrote:
> Paul Vixie <paul at> wrote:
>> to me "preserve case" means remember the case of the first time a label
>> is seen, and regularize to that. it will always be a delegation, so as
>> long as the domain owner can get the parent to register the desired case
>> in the delegation, then everything else will follow from that.
> My example included some empty non-terminals - i.e. there are intermediate
> labels which are not delegations, and so they can't be regularized in the
> way you describe.

i regret not saving your original example. can you show me a case where
the first time a label is seen, it's not from an authority? in my own
situation, has an empty non-terminal "home" which will
be first introduced to a recursive server by the authority. if i
wanted it to be "" then i'd have to set the case
correctly in the authority, and ask verisign to make my
delegation in com all-upper-case. this is more complex than my
above-quoted example, but still leaves the domain owner in ultimate control.

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